Sumatra Forest Fire

Phuket health advisory issued over forest fire haze

Date of Release: 
Aug 27 2015

People with heart or lung conditions are urged to please be careful. If your chest begins to hurt, you develop a headache or it becomes difficult to breath, please see a doctor,” said Dr Bancha Kakong, Director of the Phuket Provincial Health Office (PPHO), in a press release issued today.

His office had yet to receive any reports of breathing-related conditions brought on by the haze, he added.


Sumatra forest fire haze returns to blanket Phuket

Date of Release: 
Sep 4 2015

“We are monitoring the air-quality situation very closely with data provided by the Pollution Control Department (PCD),” said Dr Bancha Khakong, Chief of the Phuket Public Health Office (PPHO).

“This morning the weather was still fine,” he told The Phuket News today (Sept 4).

However, Dr Bancha maintained his warning that children and people with breathing conditions should remain indoors.

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