Environmental Pollution

Malaysia to amend laws to target environmental pollutors

Date of Release: 
Jan 19 2016

PAHANG, Malaysia: Malaysia's Natural Resources and Environment Minister is planning on amending legislation to enforce strict liability for those behind environmental pollution.

The push comes at a time when Malaysians are up in arms over the sea and rivers turning red in Pahang state, supposedly due to pollution from bauxite mining.

It is known worldwide as the main source of aluminium, but in Malaysia’s Pahang state, bauxite has earned a reputation as the source of environmental pollution and corruption.


Vietnam's longest river is 'seriously' polluted: authority

Date of Release: 
Nov 8 2015

Vietnam's environment police on Friday warned of worsening pollution in the Dong Nai River, the southern region's main water supply that has been being exposed to multiple sources of contamination.

Speaking at a meeting, Duong Van Linh, deputy chief of the Department of Environment Police under the Ministry of Public Security, said many projects were recently planned or executed along the river without careful consideration of environmental impacts.


Soda production pollutes air, water in Quang Nam

Date of Release: 
Aug 4 2015

QUANG NAM (VNS) — Residents in central Quang Nam Province's Nui Thanh District complain that their daily life has been disrupted by environmental pollution from the Chu Lai Soda Processing JSC.

The situation has been going on for two months since the company began operation in June.

Over 400 households in Tam Hiep Commune's Dai Phu Village have been affected by the water, air and noise pollution, said Le Minh Sa, head of Dai Phu Village.

"The old people suffer headaches and it's hard for children to concentrate on learning," he said.

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