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Tackling Food Waste as a Way to Save the Climate, Too

Date of Release: 
Sep 6 2016

At his hog farm about a dozen miles from Las Vegas' famed strip, Bob Combs became a celebrity of sorts for hauling thousands of pounds of leftovers from casinos' all-you-can-eat buffets and feeding it to his 3,000 pigs.

Farmers used to call the practice "garbage feeding." Today, researchers see it as a tool for stemming climate change. That's because the growing amount of wasted food around the world adds methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere as it rots in landfills.

Combs just happened to be a pioneer recycler.


S'pore malls, hotels told to report waste they dump

Date of Release: 
Jun 15 2014

About 250 shopping malls and hotels in Singapore will need to report waste and recycling data to their National Environment Agency (NEA) from next year.

They must state the weight of waste discarded and channeled for reuse and recycling, broken down by type - such as paper, metals and food. Their reports must reach the agency by the first quarter of next year.

Companies must also submit waste reduction plans.

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