Cambodian Environmental Impact Draft Law in Final Stages

Date of Release: 
Dec 5 2014

The Environment Ministry is in the final stages of completing a draft law on environmental impact assessments (EIAs) that would require all major construction projects to undergo an inspection before breaking ground, according to a statement released Thursday by Vishnu Law Group, which has worked with the ministry on the draft.

The Environment Ministry and Vishnu have been working on the draft law since 2012, the statement says, and plan on finalizing it in early 2015.


Tighter rules for electronic waste planned

Date of Release: 
May 28 2014

THE INDUSTRIAL Works Department is planning to place household electrical and electronic devices under the Dangerous Materials Act.

The move is designed to tackle illegal scavenging of electronic waste, after reports from many areas of health and environmental threats from such activity.

Department chief Nattapol Nattasomboon said yesterday that many communities, especially in the Northeast, were improperly separating and disposing of electrical appliances and electronic gadgets.


Thailand pushes for new law for proper disposal of electronic wastes

Date of Release: 
Mar 26 2014

Industrial Works Department head Natthapol Natthasomboon said today (Wednesday) last year alone there were 20.88 million units of discarded electric and electronic devices. These included 9.14 million landline telephones, 2.43 million television sets, 3.3 million units of portable audio and video players, 1.99 million personal computers, 1.5 million fax machines, 710,000 airconditioners and 872,000 refrigerators.

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