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Worst smog of the year prompts Hong Kong government health warning

Date of Release: 
Jun 9 2014

Hong Kong choked on its smoggiest day of the year so far yesterday as a trough of low pressure left the city coping with pollution that represented a "serious risk" to health.

At 7pm and 8pm, all 12 of the city's general pollution monitoring stations and all three roadside stations recorded pollution levels posing a "very high" or "serious" risk to health. All but two general stations and all of the roadside stations were at level 10+, the highest level on the government's Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), introduced last year.


Schools to be closed for air pollution

Date of Release: 
Nov 6 2013

China may adopt a flexible working hours system and suspend school classes in case of the highest air pollution warnings, a government circular said on Wednesday.

The circular was issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as China has been under growing pressure to curb air pollution, with heavy smog frequently smothering large cities.

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