Call for rethink on hydro-power plants

Date of Release: 
Nov 25 2013

Four non-government organisations (NGOs) have called on the National Assembly for tighter controls on hydro-power plants to prevent loss of lives and widespread damage during storms.

The recommendation was made by the Viet Nam River Network (VRN), People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature), Centre for Sustainable Development of Water Resources and Adaptation to Climate Change (CEWAREC), and the Centre for Promotion of Integrated Water Resources Management (CIWAREM).


The EIA process in Singapore with particular respect to coastal environments and the role of NGOs

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The recent history of industrial and urban development in Singapore, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, and the way EIAs are used in development planning is briefly reviewed. EIAs are carried out in secret when, and if the Government deems them necessary. Coastal ecosystems are used as examples to show that an almost total loss of mangrove, sandy beach and coral reef systems has taken place at the expense of development, and in a political environment where the EIA is supposedly utilized.

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