Landfill operator claims safe operation

Date of Release: 
Jun 14 2015

THE proponent of a sanitary landfill in Bulacan claims its facility is safe and complies with environmental rules.

Earlier, the Court of Appeals junked the appeal of town residents who were against the establishment of an engineered modern sanitary landfill in the Philippines. The case has now reached the Supreme Court.


Pollution-free garbage facility hits snag

Date of Release: 
Oct 28 2014

Interior permanent secretary Wiboon Sanguanpong said that all elements of the project were ready to go, including staffing and finance, but they were still awaiting approval from the director-general of the Treasury Department for construction to begin.

Mr Wiboon said the pilot waste-to-energy project was planned on a 400-rai block of land (640,000 square metres) in Mahaphram sub-district of Bang Ban district in Ayutthaya province. The land is under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department.


HCM City to close part of multi-million dollar waste treatment plant

Date of Release: 
Jun 19 2014

The installation of waste treatment facilities for landfill No. 3 of Phuoc Hiep complex is nearly completed and the landfill has been operating for eight months, but the HCM City government still wants to close it to prevent pollution after local residents lodged many complaints about the landfill.

Locals said that after rains, the awful smell from the landfill covers an area within a radius of 2-3km. Not only air, the water resources also are seriously polluted, and all local canals have turned black.


NHRC seeks reports from Environment ministry, Delhi govt on waste management

Date of Release: 
May 2 2014

The three municipal corporations along with the MoEF and the Delhi chief secretary has been asked to submit their reports within the four-week period. The notices were issued after the NHRC took suo moto cognizance of a recent report in MAIL TODAY on the problem of overflowing garbage in Delhi.


Incineration is not sustainable and poses threat to environment

Date of Release: 
May 7 2014

Waste sent to incinerators, landfills and waste-to-energy plants is a major source of global warming gases and chemical air, water and earth pollutants. Organic food and green waste converted to biogas and fuels exacerbate this harmful pollution while incurring energy losses of up to 80 per cent.

These short-sighted solutions convert our so-called waste problem into the extremely dangerous global warming climate change problem, which a recent UN report has said will increase the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts.


PM urges waste laws revamp

Date of Release: 
Mar 24 2014

Caretaker premier Yingluck Shinawatra has ordered a revamp of rubbish management and waste-related laws to better control dump sites and landfills across the the country.

"We need to better integrate the work of state agencies which are in charge of enforcing 12 laws relating to waste management. The Interior Ministry, provincial governors and local administrations should be the focal points in dealing with rubbish management," she said.


Thai landfill tenant faces legal actions

Date of Release: 
Mar 18 2014

The minister who made an inspection trip to the landfill said that garbage from the communities and industrial wastes had been dumped in the landfill illegally although licence for garbage dumping had already been revoked after protests from people in nearby communities against the landfill.

Samples of industrial wastes collected from the site have been sent to a laboratory for tests to find out if any of them are toxic.

The tenant of the landfill will face a maximum imprisonment of two years and/or a fine of 200,000 baht if toxic wastes were dumped into the landfill.


EIA: Visayas Base Load Power Project – Secured Landfill Facility

Published Date: 

The Project is located in Barangay Tina-an, one of the Coastal Industrial Corridor of Naga City, where most of the existing industrial establishments are located. The project site is situated at the titled Property of the Province of Cebu. It is approximately 120 meters away from the national road which is next to Barangay Poblacion at the northern side and fronting the seawater of Bohol Strait at the eastern side of Naga City.

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