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Islamabad's metro bus public hearing dubbed a sham

Date of Release: 
May 4 2014

The citizens of the capital termed Saturday’s public hearing on environmental impact assessment of the metro bus service project a sham exercise, especially when work had already started in Islamabad in violation of the Environment Protection Act 1997.


Failed EIAs kick Bangkok's condos to the kerb

Date of Release: 
Oct 9 2013

A growing number of condo projects already launched for sale have failed to win environmental impact assessment (EIA) approval, forcing developers to return booking money and revise project designs.

The problem, which causes projects to be delayed or even scrapped entirely, was common a few years ago and has recently re-emerged in the booming condo sector.

The condo developer Grand Unity Development Co, a subsidiary of the SET-listed Univentures Plc, for instance, sent a letter to customers this week saying its two condo projects had failed their EIAs.


Thailand: Developers welcome proposed streamlining

Date of Release: 
Nov 12 2012

They reacted positively to the proposal by the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) to revise the application process for environmental impact assessment. Rather than having to apply for EIA approval from an expert panel, developers would be required instead to comply with a full environmental checklist under the supervision of local authorities, which are in charge of issuing construction licences.

Thai Condominium Association president Thamrong Panyasakul-wong said such a move would bring about a new standard practice for condo developers.

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