Phuket pollution raises tourism stink

Date of Release: 
May 4 2014

On April 25, the sea off Ban Bang Thao in Phuket’s Thalang district turned from emerald green to black, causing tourists to flee the beach.

Needless to say, this has the potential to spell doom for the resort province that depends so heavily on tourism.

It’s the second time in a month that the Bang Thao waters have become heavily polluted.

The first was reported during the Songkran period, when blackened water was seen from the shoreline stretching many metres out to sea.

That’s more than enough to ruin the reputation of the primary industry of this Andaman Sea tourism mecca.


Groups calling for special environmental impact assessment for Malaysia's Tanjung Aru beach

Date of Release: 
Sep 22 2013

Concerned groups are calling for a special environmental impact assessment for the proposed massive redevelopment of the scenic Tanjung Aru beach area here.

Among them is the Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) that is also urging the government to speed up the setting up of a project office to enable the public to obtain answers about redevelopment scheme.

SEPA president Lanash Thanda said there had been public apprehension about the project since its disclosure on Sept 16.


Tourism and the Environment: Case Studies on Goa, India, and the Maldives

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The two papers included in this set, presented at an EDI/SAARC Regional Seminar on “Economic Globalization and Environmental Sustainability” in Goa in June 1997, review the impacts of tourism on the environment in the State of Goa, India and in the Republic of the Maldives. Compared with their giant neighboring states, Goa (population 1.2 million) and the Maldives (population 244,000) are small, but blessed among others with local attractions, good beaches and sunshine that draw tourists from near and far.


India: Vizhinjam project more important than a few resorts, says Minister

Date of Release: 
Oct 26 2012

The State Government would not allow anyone to wreck the Vizhinjam port and transshipment container terminal project, says K. Babu, Minister for Ports.

A section of tourist resorts is trying to derail the project at a crucial time when the environmental impact assessment (EIA) study is over and public hearing is due, he said.


The Minister said this while speaking to newspersons after an all-party meeting here on Thursday to drum up support for the long-delayed project.

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