Phnom Penh's evictees sick as rubbish piles up

Date of Release: 
Sep 4 2013

Evictees of Phnom Penh’s Borei Keila community appealed yet again to municipal authorities for alternative housing yesterday, saying garbage and waste has inundated their current settlement and is making it increasingly difficult to enter and exit the area.

Borei Keila residents were evicted from their land on January 3 last year as Phan Imex employees, backed by local authorities, demolished about 300 homes.
Many have lived in tents at the site ever since.


Pakistan: Kurrum Tangi Dam project likely to displace 12,000 people

Date of Release: 
Oct 27 2012

The report has urged the federal government to review the environmental impact and resettlement plan for the Kurram Tangi Dam, which will also dislodge a number of schools and health facilities.

Furthermore, the cost of the dam, planned to be constructed across the Kurram River, about 19 miles north of Bannu city, has increased by almost Rs42 billion due to inactivity on the project in the last seven years as the budgeted amount was not released by the government.

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