Social and Environmental Impact Assessment: Male International Airport Concession Project

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The Government of Maldives (GoM) is implementing a long term Concession Agreement for operation, maintenance, expansion, rehabilitation and modernization of the Male' International Airport (MIA) with private developers under the aviation sector reform program and privatization plan. The proposed modernization project shall be beneficial for the Republic of Maldives since it involves installation of state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities with the aim of upgrading the existing airport to an international level and cater to the future requirements.


Tourism and the Environment: Case Studies on Goa, India, and the Maldives

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The two papers included in this set, presented at an EDI/SAARC Regional Seminar on “Economic Globalization and Environmental Sustainability” in Goa in June 1997, review the impacts of tourism on the environment in the State of Goa, India and in the Republic of the Maldives. Compared with their giant neighboring states, Goa (population 1.2 million) and the Maldives (population 244,000) are small, but blessed among others with local attractions, good beaches and sunshine that draw tourists from near and far.


EIA: Maldives

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Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2007
Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water
Republic of Maldives


EIA Regulations 2011 drafted in the Maldives

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Oct 19 2011

A new regulations for EIA has been drafted with some minor changes, in this new regulation Environmental Management Plans are introduced as means by which small scale developments that do not require EIA could be undertaken by approving an EMP.

The Regulation awaits approval from other government agencies and Attorney Generals office

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