Water Quality

Saraburi tops the worst air quality last year

Date of Release: 
Jan 7 2016

Air quality in Saraburi was beyond standard for 150 days out of the whole year followed by Lampang’s 89 days, Samut Prakan’s 81 days and Bangkok’s 74 days. The main pollution problem in these provinces was particle which is less than 10 micron, said Mr Vicharn Simachaya, pollution control department head.

The department also checked water quality released from 1,392 sources and found 404 of them did not follow legal requirements.

As for garbage, there were altogether 26.9 million tonnes last year which means each Thai generated an average of 1.13 kgs of garbage each day.


If You Think China’s Air Is Bad ...

Date of Release: 
Nov 7 2013

For visitors, China’s water problem becomes apparent upon entering the hotel room. The smell of a polluted river might emanate from the showerhead. Need to quench your thirst? The drip from the tap is rarely potable. Can you trust the bottled water? Many Chinese don’t. What about brushing your teeth?


Java has worst water, air quality: minister

Date of Release: 
Aug 7 2011

Environment Minister Gusti Muhammad Hatta says the quality of water and air in Java is the worst among islands nationwide. As a province, Jakarta has the worst water and air quality.

Citing the 2011 report on the country's environment, Gusti said Jakarta and several other cities in Java designated only 10 percent of their areas as "green areas", in contrast to the required 30 percent.

Read full story: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2011/08/07/java-has-worst-water-air-q...


Cleaning Citarum

Date of Release: 
Aug 8 2011

It has been two years since the government embarked on a grand scheme to clean Citarum River and its tributaries, which 25 million people depend on water and electricity.

The first year was spent planning the gargantuan task of cleaning the heavily polluted river, while last year saw the start of several programs out of a total of 80 that are planned.


It's not glamorous, but it's needed

Date of Release: 
Jul 31 2011

As is usual when a new government comes in, there has been a lot of talk of grand and expensive projects to move the country forward. An example of this is the Pheu Thai Party's proposal to ''reclaim'' land along the coast of Thailand by filling in mangrove forests and mudflats and building a dam 10km from the shoreline in Samut Prakan and Samut Sakhon provinces.


Thailand Develops Community Participation Framework for Tha Chin River Basin

New Zealand delegates met with the governor of Nakhon Pathom province during the scoping mission visit.



Thai Pollution Control Department Tries to Soothe Pollution Fears Over Sunken Sugar Barge

Date of Release: 
Jun 3 2011

Water quality in the Chao Phraya River section affected by massive amounts of sugar discharged from a sunken barge is expected to return to normal in three days, the Pollution Control Department says.

A sugar barge sank in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district of Ayutthaya on Tuesday, releasing about 2,300 tonnes of sugar into the river.

The sugar has been dissolving and polluting the water. However, PCD officials predicted that the water quality would return to normal by Sunday due to the large amount of water in the river and rainfall.

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