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Traffic noise could be a threat to health, British study finds, as many Hongkongers endure volumes well over WHO guidelines

Date of Release: 
Jun 24 2015

Hong Kong should require project proponents to conduct studies into the possible health risks from noise pollution in their environmental impact reports, experts say.

But a lack of consensus on causal factors linking noise pollution to negative physical or mental health will make the argument for tighter regulation harder.

The point was raised after a British study - the first of its size in the country - published today, cited a link between road traffic noise pollution and deaths, and an increased risk of strokes, especially among the elderly.


Hong Kong Steps Up Plastic Bag Enforcement For Retailers

Date of Release: 
May 16 2015

Hong Kong's Environmental Protection Department says starting from May 1, it has stopped giving verbal warnings to retailers who do not comply with the legal requirements of plastic shopping bag charging.

The EPD says retail outlets must fully comply with the legal requirements of plastic shopping bag charging. Starting from May 1, immediate enforcement action will be taken should any contraventions be found. Retailers contravening the requirements are liable to a fixed penalty of HKD2,000 or even prosecution proceedings.


Hong Kong activists granted hearing to contest Chek Lap Kok airport expansion

Date of Release: 
May 22 2015

Two environmental activists have been granted a judicial review into their claim the government unlawfully issued a permit for the addition of a third runway at Chek Lap Kok airport.

One of the applicants, Tam Kai-hei, of the Land Justice League, said the government should stop planning and financial arrangements for the new runway pending the outcome of the High Court hearing, to avoid public money being wasted.


Lawyer slams government impact report on offshore incinerator

Date of Release: 
Nov 16 2012

It was unreasonable for the Environmental Protection Department director to approve an impact-assessment report made by his own department on the proposed building of a massive offshore waste incinerator, a court heard yesterday.

Barrister Hector Pun Hei made the criticism on behalf of a Cheung Chau resident, who brought a judicial review against the HK$23 billion project on Shek Kwu Chau, an island south of Lantau.


Hong Kong: Hearings begin on controversial incinerator plan

Date of Release: 
Nov 15 2012

The High Court on Wednesday began a three-day hearing of a judicial review, challenging the government's plan to build a HK$1.5 billion waste incinerator on Shek Kwu Chau island, south of Lantau.

The case was filed by Leung Hon-wai, a resident on the island, despite the fact that the previous administration had put the proposal on hold after failing to obtain the necessary funding from the Legislative Council's Panel on Environmental Affairs in April.


Hong Kong: Growing tide of anger at beach plan for Tai Po

Date of Release: 
Oct 29 2012

Conservationists said they will stage a mass protest and seek a judicial review to prevent the government from constructing an artificial beach at Lung Mei.

More than 10 green groups have joined forces to oppose the plan and will submit a petition to the government today, urging the chief executive or the director of the Environmental Protection Department to withdraw the permit authorizing the beach project in Tai Po.

The alliance will apply for a judicial review if the government fails to act on its petition.


Hong Kong Government's response on Tai Po Lung Mei Beach works project

Date of Release: 
Oct 8 2012

Government representatives (from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Architectural Services Department, Drainage Services Department (DSD), Environmental Protection Department (EPD), Home Affairs Department and Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) and Tai Po District Council (DC) representatives today (October 8) met with environmental concern groups on the Tai Po Lung Mei Beach works project. A Government spokesman gave the following reply in response to media enquiries after the meeting:


EIA: Hong Kong

Year enacted: 
Number of pages: 

1. Short title and commencement
(1) This Ordinance may be cited as the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance.
(2) This Ordinance shall come into operation on a day to be appointed by the Secretary for Planning, Environment and Lands by notice in the Gazette.
2. Interpretation
In this Ordinance the expressions defined in Schedule 1 have the meanings set out there.
3. Application
(1) This Ordinance binds the Government.
(2) Sections 26 and 27 do not have effect to permit proceedings to be taken against, or to impose criminal liability on, the Government or on a person doing anything in the course of carrying out his duties as a public officer in the service of the Government.
(3) If the Director considers that a public officer, in carrying out his duties in the service of the Government, has done, or has omitted to do, something in contravention of this Ordinance, the Director shall, if the act or omission is not immediately terminated to his satisfaction, report the matter to the Chief Secretary for Administration. (Amended L.N. 362 of 1997)
(4) On receiving a report, the Chief Secretary for Administration shall inquire into the matter and, if his inquiry shows that a public officer is continuing to contravene this Ordinance or is likely to contravene the Ordinance again, the Chief Secretary shall ensure that the best practicable steps are taken to stop the contravention or avoid the recurrence and to remedy any environmental damage that may have occured. (Amended L.N. 362 of 1997)


AECEN Task Force on Environmental Compliance Assistance Centers Meets to Develop Toolkit

Date of Release: 
May 27 2011

During May 24-27, 2011, the AECEN Environmental Compliance Assistance Center Task Force composed of officials from India, Thailand and the Philippines met in Hong Kong and Bangkok to develop a toolkit on establishing environmental compliance assistance centers. During a meeting in Hong Kong, the Task Force met with officials from the Government of Hong Kong to exchange discussions related to establishment, operation and management of compliance assistance centers.

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