Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Mumbai to Lose 12,000 Trees to Freight Corridor

Date of Release: 
Mar 8 2016

Just under a week after this newspaper reported the forest department's clearance to let the Delhi-Mumbai Freight Corridor to run through the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, both the environmental damage and the human displacement the project will cause is becoming clear.

While senior forest officials on Monday admitted that the Mumbai Metropolitan Area will lose nearly 12,000 trees, 20,000 families in 24 villages around Dighi port in Raigad district have now refused to give up their land for the Delhi-Mumbai-Industrial Corridor, of which the freight corridor is a part.


Poisar river’s pollution 100 times higher than safe limit

Date of Release: 
Mar 10 2016

The Poisar river, originating from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, is polluted over 100 times the safety limit — making its water unsafe for human consumption and uninhabitable for both plant and animal life.

Researchers working on the Nallah Restoration Report conducted biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) tests — an analysis aimed at determining the quantity of oxygen required by plants and animals for surviving in water — only to find that the number was as high as 414.73 mg per litre at certain locations along the seven-km river.

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