Coal-Fired Power Plant in China

Explosion at Coal-Fired Plant in Central China Kills at Least 21

Date of Release: 
Aug 11 2016

BEIJING — At least 21 people were killed and five injured by an explosion at a coal-fired power plant in central China on Thursday, according to official reports.

The deaths and injuries occurred when a high-pressure steam pipe exploded at a plant in the city of Dangyang in Hubei Province, according to a news website run by the provincial government.

The plant is owned by the Madian Gangue Power Generation Company, the website said. The company generates thermal power and sells slag, ash and petroleum products.


China’s environment chief touts ‘clean’ coal tech but admits people need to clean up their act too

Date of Release: 
Mar 11 2016

Environment Minister Chen Jining said China was spearheading efforts to promote cleaner use of coal, requiring coal power plants to cut emissions to about on par with using natural gas.

But he admitted proper governance and supervision were key to achieving a clean environment.

The mainland launched a nationwide programme at the end of last year to refit all coal-fired power plants with “ultra-low” emission technologies by 2020.

“This will overturn many people’s belief that coal is dirty,” Chen told a press conference in Beijing on Friday.


China's struggle to turn the corner on coal

Date of Release: 
Feb 12 2016

In early February, Chinese officials announced that no new coal production would be approved for the next three years, while existing production will be reduced by 500 million tons in the next three to five years. The latest State Council decision is an economic one, tied to market reforms that are likely to kill jobs in the heavily industrial coal and steel sectors, but the move is also consistent with China's environmental policy and carbon reduction goals.

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