Mekong River

Hemmed in by Mekong dams

Date of Release: 
Mar 15 2016

[BANGKOK] The massive expansion of hydropower along the Mekong River is putting 18 per cent of the world’s freshwater fish supply at risk as well as food security in the Mekong region.

Dam development is threatening the region’s rich ecosystem and productivity, partly due to the significant reduction in sediments, according to a new book launched by the non-profit research group WorldFish and the Consortium of International Agricultural Research Centers (CGIAR).


Mekong diversion under way in Thailand

Date of Release: 
Jan 26 2016

The Thai government’s planned diversion of billions of cubic metres of water from the Mekong River, described last week by a Thai Ministry of Water Resources representative as being as far as two years away, has already begun.

The pumping, which is pulling water from the Mekong and its tributaries into northern Thailand’s Huay Laung basin, began several days ago, according to Thai Royal Irrigation Department spokesman Thanar Suwattana.


Govt set to divert water from key rivers

Date of Release: 
Jan 12 2016

The government plans to divert water from rivers which form natural boundaries with Thailand's neighbours into major dams in a long-term measure to battle drought.

Suphot Tovichakchaikul, chief of the Department of Water Resources (DWR), said Monday that aside from the country's local sources, water from the Moei River bordering Myanmar could possibly be diverted into the Bhumibol dam in the western province of Tak while water from the Mekong River could be piped to other major dams in the Northeast region.

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