Air Quality in India

India court challenges claim that car ban cuts smog

Date of Release: 
Jan 7 2016

NEW DELHI - An Indian court on Wednesday challenged the Delhi city government to prove that its restrictions on cars were improving air quality in the world's most polluted capital.

The Delhi high court said a trial ban, that allows most private cars to use the roads only on alternate days, was causing inconvenience to the public due to inadequate public transport.

With pollution levels still running at 10 times the international safe limits, it ordered the government to submit data for January 1-7 by Friday so the impact of the ban could be assessed.


Delhi's pollution level 23 times higher than normal, air quality to worsen in coming days

Date of Release: 
Nov 12 2015

New Delhi: The national capital of Delhi on Diwali night witnessed a severe rise in the pollution levels with the suspended particulate matter reaching as much as 23 times higher than normal in one of its most polluted areas.

According to real time ambient air quality data of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, the Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) has spiked by over 23 times from the national ambiance air quality standard at Anand Vihar, says a report from Hindustan Times.


Sensor-Based Purifier to Combat Rising Toxicity

Date of Release: 
Oct 19 2015

CHENNAI: With more buildings and heavy traffic gobbling up space in Chennai, the metropolis has slipped into the ‘non-attainment area’, that is, not meeting the national ambient air quality standards prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board.

Although vehicular exhaust and re-suspension material (tyre residue, for example) causes of 45 per cent of urban air pollution, everything from construction rubble, house painting to printer-ink can aggravate air quality inside homes as well.

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