• Thailand Supreme Court Builds Capacity on Assessing Natural Resource Damages

    Jun 22 2009
    Through a partnership with the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales, Australia and the U.S. Department of Justice, the Supreme Court of Thailand shared experience on improved policies and practices for assessing natural resources damages from June 22-26, 2009.  By understanding models for valuing natural resources in other countries, the Supreme Court of Thailand can establish new precedents that provide increased incentives for environmental compliance.  The court partnership is facilitated by the Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN).

  • Australia and U.S. Share Experience on Establishing Environmental Court in Thailand

    Jun 22 2009
    To initiate establishment of a specialized environmental court in Thailand, the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, Administrative Court and other stakeholders shared experience with counterparts from the U.S. and Australia on environmental courts through consultations and training of over 500 judges and practitioners from June 22-26, 2009.  Judges and experts from the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales and the University of Denver shared specific examples of effective court policies and procedures for consideration by Thai courts.  The court partnership is facilitated by...

  • AECEN-funded Environmental Compliance Center to Start-up in West Bengal

    Jun 15 2009
    Experts from the Philippines and the United States shared best practice and technical experience with officials of West Bengal’s Environmental Compliance Assistance Center (ECAC) in Kolkata from June 15-17, 2009.  The ECAC is being set up to assist key industry operators in the metal works sector to comply with pollution regulations.  ECAC staff and stakeholders benefitted from the successful models of compliance assistance centers in the Philippines and the United States to finalize plans for the West Bengal compliance center to begin operations.  The ECAC is supported...

  • AECEN Supports Thailand-Japan Partnership to Combat Soil Contamination

    Jun 8 2009
    On June 8 -13, 2009, five senior officials from the Pollution Control Department (PCD) of Thailand visited Japan to further a partnership combating soil contamination.  The objective of the visit was to exchange information and best practices with Japanese experts on soil contamination countermeasures that can assist Thailand in developing a national policy framework and institutional arrangements for preventing and rehabilitating soil contamination.  As a next step, PCD will host a consultation workshop in Bangkok in August to discuss the draft national policy framework with...

  • Thailand to Develop National Policy and Institutional Framework for Addressing Soil Contamination

    Mar 31 2009
    As part of twinning activities between the Pollution Control Department of Thailand (PCD) and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) of Japan, representatives from regulatory agencies, universities, environmental groups, and lawyers met on March 31, 2009, in Bangkok to identify challenges and provide recommendations for agencies to effectively manage and rehabilitate contaminated soil, and assess remediation costs and environmental damages.  PCD and IGES are preparing a synthesis report for developing a national policy and institutional framework for preventing soil...

  • Indian State of West Bengal Develops Environmental Compliance Center

    Mar 26 2009
    On March 26, 2009, in Durgapur, India, the West Bengal Pollution Control Board, in collaboration with the Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN) organized a consultation workshop to help establish an environmental compliance assistance center addressing the heavily polluting metal processing sector. Stakeholder representatives reviewed the organizational structure and objectives of the center, identified critical environmental issues to be addressed by the center, and helped develop website and online database.

  • Singapore Builds Capacity of Indonesian Environment Inspectors

    Mar 23 2009
    The Singapore National Environmental Agency (NEA), through its training affiliate the Singapore Environment  Institute (SEI), trained Indonesian environmental compliance inspectors and officials on March 23-26, 2009, in Singapore. The hands-on training program furthers a twinning partnership between the Indonesia Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Singapore’s NEA aimed at strengthening Indonesia’s inspection capacity.  The program included sharing of best practices and innovative mechanisms by NEA as well as site visits to selected facilities.  Lessons from the...

  • AECEN Facilitates Thai and Australian Judicial Partnership on the Environment

    Mar 16 2009
    On March 16-19, 2009, eight justices of the Supreme Court of Thailand visited the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales to launch a twinning partnership between the courts share regional experience on policies and procedures for adjudicating environmental cases, strengthen the ability of Thai senior justices to award appropriate remedies related to natural resource damages, and identify strategies for establishing a specialized environmental court in Thailand.   The Chief Judge of Land and Environment Court will visit the Supreme Court of Thailand in June 2009 to animate a...

  • AECEN Teams up with ADB to Promote Environmental Dispute Resolution in Asia

    Mar 9 2009
    At a workshop held at the Asian Development Bank on March 6, 2009, the Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN) joined with the ADB and the Environmental Dispute Coordinator Commission of Japan to promote mechanisms for environmental dispute resolution in Asia. Dr. Monthip Sriratana Tabucanon, the Inspector General of Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and former head of Thailand’s Environmental Dispute Prevention and Resolution Center, shared Thailand’s successful experience with environmental dispute resolution as a potential...

  • Nepal Launches Country Environmental Analysis

    Feb 27 2009
    Nepal's Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MoSTE) launched its Country Environmental Analysis (CEA) on February 27, 2009 at a stakeholder meeting in Kathamandu.  Developed with support from the World Bank, the CEA provides a foundational analysis of the state of environmental governance and identifies opportunities for reform. Nepal's Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MoSTE) launched its Country Environmental Analysis (CEA) on February 27, 2009 at a stakeholder meeting in Kathamandu.  Developed with support from the World Bank, the CEA provides a...

  • America's water testing problems must and can be fixed, experts say

    Jun 4 2016

    A tragedy of widespread testing failures in US drinking water is that experts believe the remedies are fairly straightforward – if there is political will.

    As the Guardian has revealed, at least 33 cities across 17 states have used water testing methods that regulators and experts have said may inaccurately reduce lead levels found in tests.

    Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech scientist who helped uncover the Flint disaster, said some of this “cheating” could even be criminal in nature. Officials in Michigan face criminal charges in part because they used some of these techniques to allegedly lower lead levels in the city.

    The Guardian’s analysis of thousands of water...

  • Researchers find 39 unreported sources of major pollution: NASA

    Jun 2 2016

    (Reuters) - Researchers in the United States and Canada have located 39 unreported sources of major pollution using a new satellite-based method, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration said.

    The unreported sources of toxic sulfur dioxide emissions are clusters of coal-burning power plants, smelters and oil and gas operations in the Middle East, Mexico and Russia that were found in an analysis of satellite data from 2005 to 2014, NASA said in a statement on Wednesday.

    The analysis also found that the satellite-based estimates of the emissions were two or three times higher than those reported from known sources in those regions, NASA said.


  • The Air We Breathe

    May 31 2016

    Every year, nearly 4 million people die from outdoor air pollution – that’s more than are killed by AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Nearly 90 per cent of those deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, which typically lack the capacity to monitor the quality of their air.

    But UNEP has developed a ground-breaking – and affordable – new device to measure air quality, and it’s making the blueprints for the technology available to the public. The agency hopes that the device, which costs up to 100 times less than mainstream solutions on the market, will revolutionize air quality measurement across the developing world.

    “Air quality is now being seen by every...

  • Convert to natural gas, UP pollution control board tells industries

    May 29 2016

    In order to reduce air pollution levels, the Uttar Pradesh pollution control board (UPPCB) has issued directions to industries in Ghaziabad and Hapur districts to present within 120 days a workplan to convert from solid fuels to compressed natural gas (CNG) or piped natural gas (PNG).

    According to officials from the regional pollution control department at Ghaziabad, the notices were issued to nearly 281 industrial units in Ghaziabad and another 36 units in Hapur on the directions of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

    “The industries will now have to reply and present their workplan to convert to natural gas. They have to reply by August end. The conversion will be...

  • ECoR asked to pay Rs 50 lakh for violating pollution norm

    May 28 2016

    Bhubaneswar: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed the East Coast Railway (ECoR) to pay Rs 50 lakh for operating Jakhapura Railway Siding in Jajpur district without taking consent from the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB).

    Hearing a petition filed by Aswini Kumar Dhal of Jakhapura in may last year, the tribunal on its May 25 order asked ECoR to pay the amount within two months to Jajpur district collector for development of periphery area of the railway siding. The tribunal has invoked its 'Polluter Pays' principle (polluter to bear the cost of the pollution) to impose fine on the Railways.

    NGT further directed that Rs 25 lakh of the penalty to be...

  • Legarda: Coal-fired power plants threat to lives, environment

    May 28 2016

    CLARK FREEPORT - Senator Loren Legarda has renewed her call on government to tap cleaner and less wasteful sources of energy, expressing alarm over the adverse environmental impacts of coal-fired power plants in the country.

    Legarda, chair of the Senate Committee on Climate Change, lauded the Aquino administration's order to agencies of government to review the country’s energy policy, which may see the Philippines moving away from carbon-intensive coal power generation.

    “I am in full support of President Benigno Aquino's order to government to review the current energy policy and I hope he will seize the opportunity to push for pro-environmental projects to mitigate...

  • Govt to seek retrial of Klong Dan case

    May 17 2016

    THE Cabinet resolved yesterday to seek an Administrative Court retrial in the corruption-plagued Klong Dan wastewater treatment plant case, in which the government was ordered to pay Bt9.6-billion compensation to the contractors for cancelling its construction.

    The Finance Ministry was assigned by the Cabinet to approach the court again, Government Spokesman Maj-General Sansern Kaewkamnerd said yesterday.

    The government would attempt to prove that the NVPSKG consortium of contractors had distorted facts and been instrumental in the irregularity involving state officials.

    This was a new piece of information that would be cited in seeking a retrial, he said.


  • NGT notice to UP govt for illegal sand-mining in Sambhal

    May 17 2016

    Bareilly: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Monday directed chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh, director of state level environment impact assessment authority, district magistrate and senior superintendent ,of police, Sambhal to file a response on the issue of illegal sand-mining in Sambhal district.

    The application, claiming that sand mafias are carrying on mining at the banks of river Ganga in Ishampur village of Sambhal district, was filed by a social activist on April 8.

    Phirey Ram Prajapati, a social worker and a resident of Ghaziabad, petitioned in the tribunal that illegal mining was being carried out in the close vicinity of the Narora atomic power station and on...

  • Yangon rubbish piles up

    May 16 2016

    Yangon residents are producing more rubbish and there are fewer places to put it, officials warn. According to a two-year survey carried out by the municipality, lifestyle changes are responsible for some of the increase, which has been exacerbated by a rise in population.

    Using data collected between November 2015 and February covering 4,666,721 people living in Yangon Region’s 33 townships, it says the city’s 5.21 million people produce 1981 tonnes of garbage a day. Each person disposes of about 0.41 kilograms (0.9 pounds) daily, ranging from 0.43kg in western Yangon to 0.38kg in the northern part of the city.

    “In 2012, the average weight of rubbish per person was 0.34kg...

  • Joint Statement Between The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The Ministry of The Environment of Japan on Continued Bilateral Environmental Cooperation

    May 16 2016

    TOYAMA, JAPAN - While gathered in Toyama, Japan for the G7 Environment Ministers’ Meeting, the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Gina McCarthy, and the Minister of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOEJ), Tamayo Marukawa, met to discuss accomplishments and plans for U.S. – Japan environmental cooperation. This builds on an August 24, 2015 meeting between Administrator McCarthy and then MOEJ-Minister Yoshio Mochizuki on a common view to enhance bilateral and regional environmental collaboration. While in Japan for the G7 meetings, Administrator McCarthy will also travel to Minamata to underscore our joint commitment to reduce mercury pollution and...

  • Time to stop poisoning our precious land, resources

    May 5 2016
    All that glitters is not gold. This old saying can aptly apply to Thailand's gold mining industry or, for that matter, the mining industry in general. The history of mining in Thailand is full of riches for a few, suffering for many and devastation for the natural environment. In the late 1980s, more than 1,000 people in Ron Phibun district of Nakhon Si Thammarat were found to have suffered from arsenic contamination. Years of tin mining had contaminated the surface and underground water in the area for decades. In Mae Moh district, Lampang province, lignite mining and the lignite-fuelled...

  • Villagers resigned to enduring sickness caused by a lead contaminated creek

    May 3 2016
    Claiming lack of help from the authorities, the residents of Lower Klity Village in Kanchanaburi's Thong Pha Phum District say they have no choice but to endure chronic sickness. The cause is lead poisoning and they blame a nearby contaminated creek to be the source of their troubles. Here, the village people say, is where the problems start: It was another hot afternoon in Lower Klity Village. Wichai Nasuankanok - a 15-year-old boy who identified himself as nine years old - rushed down to the Klity Creek and jumped into the clear cool water. "Come down and play in the water," Wichai shouted...

  • A complete waste

    May 1 2016
    When the Samart Corporation partnered in a lucrative deal to dispose of waste at Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2006, questions were raised as to why a telecommunications company was awarded the contract. The 600 million baht agreement with the Airports of Thailand (AoT) called for the construction of two incinerators to handle all waste generated at the country's biggest airport. Alongkorn Ponlaboot, a former deputy leader of the Democrat Party, also pointed out irregularities in the contract, which contained overly generous terms such as promising a minimum payment to the Samart-led consortium if...

  • Potash mine opponents make a stand at hearing

    Apr 24 2016
    Udon Thani residents Blow whistles during threehour forum, vow to fight in court if project gets go ahead HUNDREDS of local people blew whistles to show their opposition to a potash-mining project throughout a public hearing yesterday. The hearing took place at a school in Udon Thani's Muang district to gather opinions from people who will be affected by the planned potash mine. Given that this project has drawn stiff opposition from locals for more than one decade, 1,200 police and 400 soldiers were mobilised to ensure the forum was able to go ahead. Led by Manee Boonrawd, hundreds of...

  • Licence extension linked to gold mine ‘to be based on scientific data

    Apr 24 2016
    A team from four ministries yesterday visited Chatree gold mine in Phichit to inspect the mine and get information from both opponents and supporters of the gold mine. The officials were led by Industry Minister Atchaka Sibunruang, Public Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsat-ayadorn, Science Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj, and Pollution Control Department chief Wijarn Simachaya, who represented the Natural Resource and Environment Minister. Atchaka said the assessment on renewing the metallurgy licence would be finalised prior to the deadline on May 13, when the mine's licence expires, but for...

  • Community rights clause not fooling anyone

    Apr 6 2016
    The right of citizens and communities to protect the environment against harmful development projects is now back in the draft constitution, thanks to fierce pressure by civil society nationwide. So people can relax now, right? Not a chance. Face it. The military regime is in it for the long haul. Their diktats are the ultimate rules of the land. The community rights clause in the draft will be of no help because it has also been heavily diluted, turning active citizens and communities into state vassals. Since the beginning of this year, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has...

  • Survey Finds Mixed Picture on Disclosure of Environmental Impact Assessments

    Apr 4 2016
    Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business has published a survey which examines how many Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE) have been published. The survey focusses on oil and gas companies in Myanmar who were awarded blocks after 2013. It finds that 11 out of 19 offshore blocks (58%) and 4 out of 15 onshore blocks (26%) have published their IEEs or EIAs on the internet. Although this is less than 50%, the overall level of disclosure in the oil and gas sector is higher than in other sectors in Myanmar such as mining and construction where very...

  • Govt to allow accredited consultants to prepare EIA/EMP report

    Mar 20 2016
    The Centre has notified that only accredited consultants will be allowed to prepare environment impact assessment reports and environment management plan for the projects seeking green clearances. The directive has come after the Environment Ministry barred UP-based Mantec Consultants for one year for preparing impact assessment and management plan reports for 10 projects of state-owned Kandla Port Trust without any permission. The impact assessment (EIA) and management plan (EMP) for any project seeking environment clearance are prepared only after the Environment Ministry issues terms of...

  • Port project gears up for early re-launch

    Mar 20 2016
    Decks are being cleared for the early re-launch of the controversial $1.4-billion Colombo Port City Project, with the Sri Lankan and Chinese governments inching closer to a resolution of outstanding issues. The proposed visit of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to China during April 6-8 is expected to throw greater clarity on the project. Conceived during the previous Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, the project was launched when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Colombo in September 2014. The visit became a major election issue during the campaign for the presidential polls in...

  • Port City Project To Proceed In Phases

    Mar 19 2016
    The Port City Project, which was suspended by the new government of President Maithripala Sirisena in March last year, six months after it began construction, has now been given the green light to proceed and will be done in phases, instead of in one go as a mega project. According to the Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, Patali Champika Ranawaka, there were legal issues that hampered the progress of the Port City Project, but these issues have now been addressed to a large extent. “The agreement for this project was earlier with the Ports Authority, but under the new agreement...
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