• Vietnam and Korea Agree to Strengthen Contaminated Soil Monitoring in Vietnam

    May 20 2011
    During May 17-20, 2011, during an observational visit to Korea, officials from Korea’s Ministry of Environment of Korea and Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment signed a letter of intent on closer cooperation in sharing experience and expertise related to managing contaminated soil. During the observational program, Korean and Vietnamese experts exchange views to support the development of new guidelines in Vietnam related to contaminated soil monitoring. Vietnamese officials also visited the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, the Korea Environment...

  • State Department and USAID Honor Chair of AECEN

    May 6 2011
    At a reception on May 3 in Bangkok, Her Excellency Kristie A. Kenney, U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, honored Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana for his contributions in improving the environment in Asia through his leadership of the Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network (AECEN). Dr. Supat is the Director General of the Thailand Pollution Control Department and chairperson of the AECEN Executive Committee. During the past 5 years, Dr. Supat has led AECEN's efforts to promote and replicate best practices on environmental compliance and enforcement through concrete peer-to-peer...

  • Indonesia and Philippines Kick-Off Partnership on Certification of Environmental Judges

    May 3 2011
    On April 28-29, 2011, justices from the Indonesian and Philippine Supreme Courts, officials from respective judicial training institutes and other key partners launched a twinning partnership on strengthening environmental adjudication in Indonesia. Co-organized with the Ministry of Environment, counterparts shared ideas and information on building judicial capacity to better adjudicate environmental cases. U.S. EPA also joined the Philippine experts in sharing information and providing feedback on the guidelines and training curriculum in line with Indonesia's proposed certification...

  • Thailand and New Zealand Launch Twinning Partnership to Strengthen Community Participation in Watershed Management.

    Apr 29 2011
    During April 26-29, 2011 experts from Waikato Regional Council and Ministry for the Environment of New Zealand met with counterparts from Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) to initiate a program of cooperation on community participation to protect and restore water quality in the Tha Chin River Basin. During the scoping mission, New Zeland experts met with stakeholders from to exchange lessons learned related to community participation in awareness raising, citizen monitoring, policy formulation and eco-system restoration through community clean-up initiatives...

  • Korea and Vietnam Launch Twinning Partnership to Strengthen Contaminated Soil Monitoring in Vietnam

    Mar 25 2011
    During March 21-24, 2011, experts from Ministry of Environment of Korea, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute and Korea Environment Cooperation met with counterparts from Vietnam to initiate a program of cooperation on contaminated soil management. At the scoping mission, Korean and Vietnamese experts exchange views on legal and policy frameworks to promote effective soil monitoring for suspected contaminated areas. As for the next step, a delegation from Vietnam led by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam will visit Korea to learn first-hand about...

  • Australia Trains Vietnamese on Environmental Regulation and Self-monitoring System

    Mar 16 2011
    Between  9-10 March 2011, experts from the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) of New South Wales visited Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) to conduct a training entitled “Principles and Tools for Effective Environmental Regulation: Sharing of Experience and Good Practices from Australia.”  The training was conducted as part of a series of activities under the twinning partnership between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) of HCMC and DECCW, which was established in 2010 with the assistance of AECEN and the Australasian...

  • Vietnam and Korea Established Twinning Partnership

    Jan 14 2011
    During a scoping mission in Hanoi during May 2011, Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) and Korea Ministry of Environment (KMOE) will cooperate with MoNRE to strengthen Vietnam’s policies and regulations on contaminated soil management and monitoring. Through technical exchanges and targeted training, the partnership will enable the transfer of knowledge and expertise leading to the improvement of Vietnam’s draft regulation on soil contamination monitoring as well as enhance technical capacity of MoNRE and other relevant agencies. Twinning partnership activities...

  • AECEN Member Agencies Develop Replication “Roadmap” for Best Practices on Environmental Compliance

    Nov 12 2010
    At the AECEN Regional Forum in Kyoto, Japan on 10-12 November 2010, environmental agencies from 16 countries across Asia as well as Australia, Jordan, and the United States shared ideas and experience to strengthen replication of best practices that build on AECEN’s successful twinning partnerships. The Ministry of Environment Japan (MOEJ) showcased innovative environmental compliance and enforcement programs in Japan. Network members also shared results and accomplishments related to twinning partnerships across a range of areas, including project planning, command-and-control regulation,...

  • Senior Justices from Nine Countries Attended the Judicial Workshop Held in Bangkok

    Oct 8 2010
    To strengthen environmental adjudication in Thailand, the Courts of Justice in cooperation with AECEN organized a judicial workshop in Bangkok during September 18-19 to discuss the court’s initiatives to develop new environmental mediation and expert witness rules, and other procedures.   Senior justices from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines and the United States provided technical inputs to the development of new rules shared information and ideas on environmental adjudication.  Based on inputs and discussions, the Thai Courts...

  • Japan Partners with China to Build Capacity of Local Agencies on Implementing Energy Efficiency Law

    Sep 9 2010
    On August 25-27, 2010, local officials and experts from China met with counterparts from Japan to share experience on implementing energy efficiency law and policies. Discussions with the city government and site visits in Kawasaki provided participants the opportunity to understand how energy efficiency is being addressed at the local level in Japan. Based on this dialogue, the partners will develop a training program for local agencies in China. Feedback on the training manual will be gathered in a consultation workshop and pilot training in October. This activity is part of the “twinning”...

  • Tackling Food Waste as a Way to Save the Climate, Too

    Sep 6 2016

    At his hog farm about a dozen miles from Las Vegas' famed strip, Bob Combs became a celebrity of sorts for hauling thousands of pounds of leftovers from casinos' all-you-can-eat buffets and feeding it to his 3,000 pigs.

    Farmers used to call the practice "garbage feeding." Today, researchers see it as a tool for stemming climate change. That's because the growing amount of wasted food around the world adds methane, a potent greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere as it rots in landfills.

    Combs just happened to be a pioneer recycler.

    "These buffets, they generate so much waste," said Nicole Civita, director of the Food Recovery Project at the University of Arkansas School of...

  • 'Air pollution' particles linked to Alzheimer's found in human brain

    Sep 6 2016

    Tiny magnetic particles produced by car engines and brakes can travel into the human brain and may trigger Alzheimer's disease, scientists have warned.

    Researchers at Lancaster, Oxford and Manchester Universities discovered microscopic spheres of the mineral magnetite in the brains of 37 people in Manchester and Mexico who had suffered neurodegenerative disease.

    The mineral magnetite is known to be toxic and is linked to the production of free radicals which are associated with Alzheimer's Disease.

    Although magnetite has previously been found in the brains of people who had died of Alzheimer's disease, it was thought it occurred naturally. However the tiny balls...

  • Levee builders endeavour to quash deluge of complaints

    Sep 3 2016

    'We are building a dyke, not a concrete pavement," Pongsakorn Punpanich, an engineer from Macro Consultant Co, said with frustration. He was speaking to the Bangkok Post about a dyke construction project in Bang Kachao, in Samut Prakan's Phra Pradaeng district which serves as "the lung for the city".

    Mr Pongsakorn was responding to questions about the project raised by netizens and civic groups who are concerned about the adverse environmental effects the construction project might create.

    He said many activists misunderstood what the project was about and believed it would be a concrete structure along the Chao Phraya River. The project is actually a dyke to prevent water...

  • Mounting pile of garbage polluting Koh Larn

    Sep 1 2016

    CHON BURI -- Residents of Koh Larn have complained that the problem of disposing of mounting piles of garbage on the popular tourist island off Pattaya is becoming worse, with about 10,000 tonnes of accumulated waste and rubbish already disfiguring the island.

    The tiny resort island has a resident population of about 4,000, according to official domicile registration records.

    However, there are another 4,000-8,000 people from elsewhere, including migrant workers, also living on the island.

    The bigger population and a constant increase in number of hotels, resorts, homestays, restaurants and shops, as well as the large number of daily visitors, has compounded the...

  • Community opposes new PTT gas pipeline in Rayong

    Aug 30 2016

    RAYONG -- Residents of Nong Faeb in tambon Map Ta Phut have put up banners and signboards showing their opposition to PTT Plc's plan to lay a 5th natural gas pipeline through their community.

    They argue that PTT's plan routes the 5th natural gas pipeline through the heart of Nong Faeb community, near schools, a temple and along a railroad parallel with the existing 4th pipeline.

    One angry resident, who asked not to be named, said the pipeline was planned in conjunction with the construction of a sea port, gas storage facilities and factories near the community. For residents it would be like living in the middle of a cluster of live bombs, he said.

    "We are already...

  • The Fallout From Vietnam's Mass Fish Deaths Continues

    Aug 27 2016

    The mystery of Vietnam’s mass fish deaths was officially solved two months ago when Formosa Ha Tinh Steel (FHS) was found to be behind the discharge of toxins into the ocean on the country’s central coast. However, the saga continues to play out on various fronts.

    It was hoped that the one positive that might come out of the whole sorry tale was better environmental stewardship from corporations and authorities. Yet it surfaced in mid July, not two weeks after FHS was slapped with the massive fine, that one of its business units was under investigation for burying waste on a farm in Ha Tinh province.

    And to really round out the tale, the 100-ton waste was found buried on...

  • Ecological consequences of amphetamine pollution in urban streams

    Aug 25 2016

    (Millbrook, NY) Pharmaceutical and illicit drugs are present in streams in Baltimore, Maryland. At some sites, amphetamine concentrations are high enough to alter the base of the aquatic food web. So reports a new study released today in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, which is one of the first to explore the ecological consequences of stimulant pollution in urban streams.

    Lead author Sylvia S. Lee conducted the work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Lee, now with the Environmental Protection Agency, comments, "Around the world, treated and untreated wastewater entering surface waters contains pharmaceuticals and illicit...

  • Air pollution threat hidden as research 'presumes people are at home': study

    Aug 24 2016

    The true impact of air pollution has been obscured by the failure to consider people’s exposure as they move around during the day, according to a new study that has mapped the hotspots of New York’s air pollution based on where people gather for work or recreation.

    The research cites air pollution as “the world’s single largest environment and human health threat” but laments that the problem has not previously been “considered spatially and temporally”, with most studies basing a person’s pollution exposure on where they live.

    Using information obtained from cellphone towers, the researchers were able to build up a picture of millions of New Yorkers’ movements over the...

  • Coca-Cola's second largest bottling plant in India has been shut down

    Aug 18 2016

    The bottling plant in Hapur has been under scrutiny by the National Green Tribunal India's ‘Green Court ‘– since 2015, and a number of inspections by government regulators have found the plant to be flouting environmental laws in India, and also operating without valid licenses, or No Objection Certificate (NOC).

    Egregious Pollution

    Coca-Cola has had ample time to rectify the pollution violations, and the company had prior notice before inspections. Yet, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India’'s top environmental regulatory agency, and the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), the state’'s primary...

  • Coal Burning Causes the Most Air Pollution Deaths in China, Study Finds

    Aug 17 2016

    BEIJING — Burning coal has the worst health impact of any source of air pollution in China and caused 366,000 premature deaths in 2013, Chinese and American researchers said on Thursday.

    Coal is responsible for about 40 percent of the deadly fine particulate matter known as PM 2.5 in China’s atmosphere, according to a study the researchers released in Beijing.

    Those figures are consistent with what Chinese scientists have been saying in recent years about industrial coal burning and its relation to air pollution.

    The study, which was peer-reviewed, grew out of a collaboration between Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China’s top research universities, and the...

  • University study excluded public participation

    Jul 18 2016
    They complained that a study team from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Lat Krabang (KMITL) had conducted an improper public hearing on the project. People from local communities and academics denounced the KMITL study team, saying that people's right to decide on the project had been violated. They said the study team had set up a public hearing without providing essential information on the project and also claimed to have support of riverside communities, which were yet to approve the project. River Assembly, a newly formed group of 42 organisations, arranged a boat tour to reveal...

  • Building an Effective EIA Process for Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

    Jul 17 2016
    MCRB convened a meeting between government, offshore oil and gas companies and others on July 11 in Naypyidaw to discuss lessons learned from the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) / Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and to look ahead to future offshore activity including the drilling of exploration wells in the 2016/2017 season. The multistakeholder meeting followed on from an earlier meeting held in August 2014 on the lessons learned from IEE/EIAs for oil and gas companies in Myanmar. In view of the significant planned investment in offshore oil and gas, companies are keen...

  • SEZs under scrutiny

    Jun 28 2016
    Of the long list of challenges inherited by the new government when it took office in April, among the most expensive and ambitious are the special economic zones planned for Yangon and on each side of the country, on the Indian Ocean. Conceived when Myanmar was still under military rule, the three multi-million-dollar SEZs – at Thilawa in Yangon Region, Dawei in Tanintharyi Region and Kyaukphyu in Rakhine State – have faced accusations of land grabbing and a disregard for transparency. The government is reviewing plans for the SEZs, U Hanthar Myint, a member of the National League for...

  • Thailand reaffirms Dawei plans, but does Myanmar?

    Jun 25 2016
    “The governments of Thailand and Myanmar reaffirmed that the Dawei megaproject will create thousands of jobs and improve the livelihoods of people along the border,” according to Thailand’s caretaker Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha. Prayuth was speaking at a joint press conference in Bangkok on Friday. Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi also addressed reporters, but made no mention of her administration’s commitment to the Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or other mutual business or trade interests. The pair also declined to take questions after the press briefing. Perhaps Suu Kyi’s...

  • Salt mine protests intensify

    Jun 13 2016
    Nakhon Ratchasima: More than 500 villagers rallied Sunday against a company's underground salt mining project in Kham Thale So district amid concerns over the environmental impacts. Protesters from tambon Phandung, tambon Nong Suang and tambon Khang Phlu in the district paraded through 15 villages to persuade other residents to join a campaign against Saltworks Co's underground rock-salt mining project covering about 600 rai. Some are concerned underground rock salt mining can create large underground caverns, which could lead to land subsidence. The company is excavating to explore...

  • Environment impact assessment not mandatory for crushers in Nepal

    Jun 12 2016
    KATHMANDU, Nepal (The Kathmandu Post/ANN) - Government has decided to allow the mining of stone, gravel, sand and boulders from riverbeds despite objection from environmentalists. Despite objection from environmentalists, the government has decided to allow the mining of stone, gravel, sand and boulders from riverbeds, conservation areas and national parks without carrying out the environment impact assessment (EIA). The Ministry of Population and Environment has amended the Environment Protection Regulations-1997 to allow crusher and mining industries to extract stones, boulders, sand,...

  • Ombudsman investigates Bangyai-Kanchanaburi motorway project

    Jun 2 2016
    NAKHON PATHOM, 2 June 2016 (NNT) - The Office of the Ombudsman has sent a fact-finding team to Nakhon Pathom province in response to complaints about the questionable management of the Bang Yai-Kanchanaburi motorway project. Deputy-Secretary of the Office of the Ombudsman Tavin Inchamnong disclosed that the team visited the subdistricts of Don Fag and Lan Tag Fah in the district of Nakhon Chaisi. Mr. Tavin also met with locals from the districts of Nakhon Chaisi and Mueang Nakhon Pathom, who spoke of the project's dubious practices. According to the Ombudsman official, a number of residents...

  • Anjuna locals oppose Rs1000-crore Chapora riverfront project, demand EIA

    May 30 2016
    Anjuna villagers on Sunday opposed a new multipurpose project in river Chapora and demanded that an environmental impact assessment (EIA) study be conducted. During the gram sabha, the issue of the proposed Chapora riverfront project comprising marinas, ferry terminal, a tourist village, museum and aquarium, costing Rs 1000 crore, was raised when a villager said that “the project will not benefit the village instead will affect the activity of traditional fishermen.” When the panchayat was questioned whether it was taken into confidence over the project, deputy sarpanch Savio Almedia said...

  • The rising cost of Metro Train

    May 29 2016
    As the Orange Metro Train Project again made headlines this week with the death of seven labourers due to a wall collapse, questions are raised regarding the safety of workers as well as citizens who would travel along the 27.1-km route. Fourteen project-related deaths have already been documented in newspapers while the number doing the grapevine is double that. Given that the life of a poor man is cheap in Pakistan because of an extremely weak labour rights movement, the discourse primarily concentrates on compensation rather than fixing responsibility. But, as with most aspects of state...

  • Over 300 take Akara to court, demand compensation

    May 28 2016
    MORE than 300 people have filed a class-action lawsuit against against Akara Resources Public Co Ltd, each demanding about Bt1.5 million in compensation for adverse impacts allegedly caused by the firm’s gold mine. The compensation claims covered health impacts, including medical treatment, and lost opportunities for locals to access natural resources in the mine's neighbourhood. Those who filed the petition live in Phichit and Phetchabun provinces. Their lawyer, Somchai Ameen, said lab tests showed these people had an unusually high amount of metals in their blood. The petition was filed...
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