Coordinator Name: 
Mr. Duong Phuoc Hung
Official, International Cooperation Department
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
83 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam
(+84) 4 3795 6868 (1114)
(+84) 4 3773 6546

Elevated to the ministry level in 2002, Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment MONRE is responsible for air, land, and water resource management under the Amended Law on Environmental Protection (2006).

As the lead institution for environmental management throughout Vietnam, MONRE is also responsible for long term national environmental planning and for coordinating environmental impact assessments, compliance monitoring, inspections, and enforcement across jurisdictions through the Vietnam Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of the Inspectorate.

MONRE supports innovation and development in pollution control and conservation through its administration of the Vietnam Environmental Protection Fund (VEPF). Individual and organizational proponents of conservation and pollution control investment projects are eligible for financial support from the fund. Through VEPF, MONRE targets improvement of waste treatment, pollution prevention and mitigation, research and technology development, biodiversity conservation and public education.

The Vietnam MONRE has been a member of AECEN since 2005.