Coordinator Name: 
Dr. Rashid Hasan
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Room 621, Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex Lodi Road, New Delhi, India 110003
(+91) 11 2436 0734
(+91) 11 2436 0894

Established in 1985, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) is the central government agency responsible for planning, promotion and coordination of all national environmental activities, including policy formulation, standard setting, and regulation.

MOEF has broad ranging goals and objectives including pollution control and prevention, environmental rehabilitation and afforestation, and the conservation of flora, fauna, and forests. Environmental impact assessment, research and technology promotion, international cooperation, and public awareness and information dissemination are the critical tools MOEF relies on to advance these goals.

Environmental compliance monitoring and the enforcement of national environmental laws are managed by MOEF’s Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). The CPCB administers the National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (NAAQM) and Water Quality Monitoring (WQM) programs, and provides direction and assistance for compliance and enforcement by state and local environment agencies.

Understanding that accurate environmental data and administrative transparency are critical to public involvement and good environmental decision making, MOEF established and runs the Environmental Information Centre (EIC). The EIC is a one-stop source for quality environmental information and has been utilized by stakeholders including regulators, industry, NGOs, project proponents, financial institutions and the public since 2005.

MOEF operates seven regional offices and has roughly 500 staff in its primary compliance and enforcement body, the CPCB.

The India MOEF has been an AECEN member since 2005.