Coordinator Name: 
Dr. Sun Zhenshi
Director, Office of General Management, Department of Environmental Inspection and Enforcement
Ministry of Environmental Protection
No. 115 Xizhimennei Nanxiaojie Xicheng District, Beijing, P.R.China (100035)
(+86) 10 6655 6448
(+86) 10 6655 6444

Established by the elevation of the State Environmental Protection Agency to the cabinet level in 2008, the PRC’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) is responsible for protecting China’s air, water, and land from pollution and contamination.

The Ministry’s mission is to control environmental pollution, protect nature and ecology, supervise nuclear safety, and safeguard public health and environmental safety.

MEP is the national authority that formulates and directs national environmental policy, including the establishment of air and water quality standards, noise regulations, the management of toxic and hazardous wastes, and the implementation of environmental impact assessments. Provincial Environmental Protection Bureaus are responsible for implementing national regulations and MEP policies.

Technology and research are focal points of MEP’s approach to environmental protection. The Ministry funds a number of key laboratories and administers engineering and technical research centers throughout the country. These include the Laboratory for Urban Air Particles Pollution Prevention and Control, the Laboratory for Industrial Ecology, the Center for Industrial Waste Water Pollution Control, and the Center for Industrial Flue Gas Control.

Following the elevation of the environmental administration to cabinet level status, the PRC has continued its commitment to environmental protection with nearly a 50% increase in the environmental budget and a plan for over 300 new pollution monitoring centers, and an integrated data transmission system. MEP operates five regional inspection and enforcement centers and has its headquarters in Beijing.

The MEP has been a member of AECEN since its founding in 2005.