On-line Posting of the Transporter Capabilities in the Philippines

Date posted: 
Nov 13 2008

The main objective is to drive out of business unscrupulous Toxic and Hazardous Wastes (THW) transporters with fake or expired licenses.

Responsible Party: 
Enforcement Agency
I. Objectives or Impact: 

The main objective is to drive out of business unscrupulous Toxic and Hazardous Wastes (THW) transporters with fake or expired licenses.


The good practice addresses the transport and movement of THW, minimize potential accidents from THW, and reduce the quantity of illegally dumped in the environment, and discourage illegal recovery and re-use of dumped THW.

II. Description of the Good Practice (Outputs): 

Transporters of THW are required to undergo training on the documentation, emergency procedures and impacts of various THW on human health and the environment. The trucks for hauling must be provided with first aid facilities, equipment and chemicals necessary for clean up in case of emergencies, and special signage identifying the type, quantity, nature , first aid and emergency procedures. Due to stringent licensing requirements, a number of THW transporters with fake or expired licenses proliferate in the market THW transporters with fake manifest are also common.

The capability of THW transporters, the expiration dates, truck fleet, licensed drivers and personnel are posted in the internet. The administrative procedure was also revised, putting on the THW the responsibility of consulting the Environment Management Bureau website to check the validity of the THW transporter license , the capabilities and limitations imposed on the license and the responsible person to contact to prevent third parties from using another transporter’s license. The THW generator is equally responsible with the illegal THW transporter.

III. Outcomes or Results: 

Within 30 days after the new regulations and website was available, more than 100 new applications or renewal of THW transporter license were received and an unknown number of illegal transporter went out of business.

IV. Essential Elements for Success: 

Policy Framework: Enabling Policy, Regulation, Inter-agency/Multiparty Agreements

The Administrative Order governing the responsibility of the THW generator during transport was modified to make them equally responsible if the THW transporter is unlicensed. Prior to this amendment, the THW generator could claim that he had been tricked into believing that the THW transporter is duly licensed and even goes to provide a copy of the fake license provided by the transporter with the authority to transport the THW. An additional copy of theTHW transporter permit is submitted to the IT unit for posting in the webpage.

Human Resources and Skills

The main personnel skill required is knowledge to update the webpage periodically.
Material and Resources

Computer, webpage and server.

Institutional Support

The server was provided by a World Bank grant.

V. Further Information: 

References and Publications:

Revised guidelines for the licensing of THW transporters