EIA Compendium: Myanmar

Law and Regulations - Myanmar


Note: This is a draft.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section ??, Subsection (?) of the Myanmar Environmental Conservation Law and with the approval of the Government, the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry hereby makes the following Rules:-

Title and Definitions

1. These Rules shall be called the Environmental Impact Assessment Rules.
2. The expressions contained in these Rules shall have the same meanings as defined in Section (?) of the Myanmar Environmental Conservation Law. In addition thereto the following expressions have the meanings given hereunder:-
(a) Law means the Myanmar Environmental Conservation Law 2012 and any subsequent amendments;
(b) Environment shall have the same meaning as defined in Section (?) of the Law;
(c) Environmental Impacts means the probable effects or consequences of proposed projects or businesses or activities or undertakings on the physical, biological and socioeconomic environment that can be direct or indirect, cumulative and positive or negative;
(d) Environmental Impact Assessment means the process of studying the significant impact of a proposed project or business or activity on the physical, biological and socioeconomic environment, which is required as part of the decision making process;
(e) Initial Environmental Examination means a preliminary examination of the possible impacts of a proposed project or business or activity with a view to determining whether such impacts are significant and, as such, require the preparation of an environmental impact assessment report and any other documents as may be prescribed;
(f) Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan means a document which describes the measures to be taken for preventing, mitigating and monitoring significant environmental impacts resulting from the implementation and operation of a proposed project or business or activity;
(g) National Committee means the Myanmar National Environmental Conservation Committee as established by Section ? of the Law;
(h) Project means any activity or combination of activities including actions or undertakings, regardless of magnitude, which may have a significant impact on the environment;
(i) Project Proponent means an individual, company, or organization proposing to initiate a project;
(j) Screening means an initial assessment undertaken to determine whether or not an Initial Environmental Examination and/or an Environmental Impact Assessment, or any other form of reporting are required; and
(k) Scoping means the stage in the environmental impact assessment process where information and assessment requirements are established to provide the project proponent with the scope and terms of reference for the Environmental Impact Assessment.