Summary EIA: LPG Pipeline Project in India

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The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study of the LPG Pipeline Project in India was carried out by Engineers India Ltd. (EIL), New Delhi for the project sponsor, Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL). The base—line studies had been carried out by experts from the (i) National Remote Sensing Agency to determine land use patterns within one kilometer (km) on either side of the pipeline route; (ii) Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and for Natural History — to evaluate the project's impact on flora and fauna using the recognizance and quadratic method; (iii) Industrial Toxicological Research Centre — to assess quality of the air, water, and soil along the pipeline route; and to gather population statistics; and (iv) Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research — for socioeconomic impact assessment. From 23 February to 7 March 1997, a Bank's environment specialist visited critical areas of the project identified in the EIA.

The EIA has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) and has been taken up by its Appraisal Committee; a No-Objection certificate is expected before the third quarter of 1997. The original EIA was done in conformity with MOEF's requirement, which assumes a project's impact area at a 25-km radius regardless of the size and type. A risk analysis was carried out by EIL, which showed that the project's impact is limited to a maximum of 200 meters (m) on both sides of 400 millimeter (mm) diameter pipe, and 100 m for 150-mm pipe. The Bank has requested GAIL to prepare a more detailed investigation of the critical areas identified by the risk analysis and to include it as an addendum to the main EIA report. The Bank has classified the Project under category A, a project with potential significant environmental impact if proper mitigation measures are not included in the design, construction, operation, and abandonment procedures. Under the Bank's Environmental Assessment Requirements and Review Procedure, this Summary Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) is circulated to the Bank's Board of Directors 120 days prior to their consideration of the loan proposal. The main EIA report and addendum are available at the project office on request. The EIA and this SEIA were prepared by GAIL and have not been evaluated by the Bank. The Bank's assessment and evaluation of the report and environmental impacts related to the project will be included in the documentation when the project is considered by the Board.

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