Summary EIA: Dali-Lijiang Railway Project

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The Government of the People's Republic of China (PRC) has requested assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to finance the construction of the Dali-Lijiang Railway Project (the Project). This summary environmental impact assessment (SEIA) has been prepared for ADB based on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) prepared for the Project by the Second Survey and Design Institute (SSDI) of the Ministry of Railways (MOR) in August 2003, and revised in January 2004. The scope of the EIA report includes ecological environment and natural resources, noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, solid wastes, public safety and health, and socioeconomic aspects, as well as mitigation measures, a management plan, and a monitoring system. The EIA defines a corridor 200 meters (m) either side of the centerline of the right of way (400 m total width) for detailed investigation of impacts. The EIA further defines environmental protection targets that are national-level protected areas: (i) the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake nature preserve, (ii) the ancient Lijiang City cultural heritage area, and (iii) the Yulong Snow Mountain scenic resort. Thus, the project area includes Dali City, Heqing County, and Lijiang City. The overall project assessment encompasses the project area and Eryuan, Jianchun, Lanping, Ninglang, and Zhongdian counties.

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