Project Shell Eastern Petrochemicals Complex: Ethylene Cracker Complex & Mono Ethylene Glycol Plant, Singapore

Published Date: 

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Limited (SEPL) is planning a major petrochemicals development project in Singapore consisting of the following three elements:

  • An Ethylene Cracker Complex (ECC) to be built adjacent to the existing SEPL Bukom Refinery on Pulau Ular and on land reclaimed from the sea between Pulau Bukom Kechil, Pulau Ular and Pulau Busing; the Complex will be owned and operated by SEPL;
  • A new Mono-Ethylene Glycols (MEG) Plant to be built on a vacant plot of land at the far eastern end of the Singapore Petrochemicals Complex I area on Pulau Ayer Merbau, Jurong Island. The MEG Plant will take ethylene feedstock from the ECC via existing sub-sea pipelines; it will be owned and operated by SEPL, drawing services from Ethylene Glycols Singapore (EGS); and
  • Modifications to the existing SEPL Bukom Refinery to support the above.

Together, these three elements are referred to as the “Shell Eastern Petrochemicals Complex (SEPC) Project”.

A general project concept schematic is shown in Figure S-1; the location of the project is presented in Figure S-2.

In accordance with Shell Group commitments, potential environmental, social and health impacts associated with all new major investment projects must be assessed and the results integrated into the design and execution of the project.

This document presents a summary of the Environmental, Social and Health Assessment (ESHA) completed for the project prior to construction works beginning.

singapore_envisocialhealthimpactassesmentreport_petrochemicalcomplex_2006.pdf13.45 MB