IEE: Vopur-Rupatola Road Section of Chainpur-Kanda Road Sub-project

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The proposed 17.923 km long Vopur-Rupatola road section is the part of the Chainpur-Kanda Road (55km) in Bajhang district of Far-Western Development region. The road starts from Vopur bazar of Chainpur VDC (1.5 km east of Chainpur) and passes through Sunnikot VDC and ends at Rupatola in Dhamena VDC. The altitude of the road alignment ranges from 1350 meter at Vopur to 1700 meter at Rupatola. The road width is 5m while the total length of proposed road section for construction is 17.923 km up to Rupatola. The total project cost is NRs. 148,581,614.40 and per km cost is NRs. 8, 289,996.90 (equivalent to US $ 129,531).

The main objective of the IEE study is to identify the impacts of physical, biological, socioeconomic and cultural environment of the sub-project area. The specific objectives of the proposed IEE study include to:

  • identify the major issues that may arise as a result of proposed works on bio-physical, socio-economic and cultural environment of the project area,
  • recommend practical and site specific environmental mitigation and enhancement measures, prepare and implement environmental monitoring plan for the sub-project, and
  • recommend whether the IEE is sufficient for the proposed road or whether EIA will be required as a result of the environmental issues that may arise due to the project implementation.


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