Executive Summary: Provision of a Poultry Slaughtering Centre in Sheung Shui

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In order to pursue the goal of segregating live poultry and the population so as to minimise the risk of an outbreak of avian influenza, the Government of the HKSAR (the Government) has proposed to develop a Poultry Slaughtering Centre (PSC) for terrestrial poultry. A site in Sheung Shui has been identified for the development of the PSC, which will comprise two identical “stalls” that provide for reception of poultry, slaughter, packing and collection.

The PSC is expected to provide freshly slaughtered chickens and a smaller number of freshly slaughtered “minor” poultry, such as pigeons, chukar, guinea fowl, pheasant, etc. The PSC products will cater for market demand for slaughtered poultry, such as from the restaurant trade, fresh provisions shops, wet markets and supermarkets.

The Government intends to provide the infrastructure and buildings comprising the PSC and will tender out each stall to a private Operator who will be responsible for fitting out the buildings and operating their stall. Under this arrangement, an Environmental Permit (EP) will be applied for, prior to commencement of site formation and construction. The two Operators will each be required to meet the operational requirements of the EP.

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