Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA): Karachi Hyderabad Motorway (M-9)

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The existing 136 km Karachi-Hyderabad section of N-5 (popularly known as Super Highway) connects the port city of Karachi with the North of Pakistan. This section of the highway is amongst the most densely trafficked in the entire country, the existing highway is serving heavy traffic volume with large portion of truck traffic. The route is also the shortest possible distance between the two cities i.e. Karachi and Hyderabad and feeds into the main North – South Links i.e. National Highway N-55 (Indus Highway) and the National Highway N-5 (Grand Trunk Road).

In order to accelerate the process of expansion of motorways the Government has invited the private sector to participate in expansion of Motorway Network, on the basis of build, operate and transfer (BOT) arrangement. The National Highway Authority selected M/s Binapuri Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. (BPL) for the construction of existing 4-lane Karachi-Hyderabad Superhighway as 6-lane, access controlled and world class Motorway (M-9) along with its allied facilities.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment of the proposed project Karachi- Hyderabad M-9 has been conducted by M/s Environmental Management Consultants in order to comply with the regulatory requirement of environmental laws of Pakistan. Under the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Review of IEE and EIA) Regulations 2000; “Federal or provincial highways or major roads (except maintenance or rebuilding or reconstruction of existing roads) with total cost of Rupees 50 Million and above” is in Schedule II, List of projects requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment”

As per the EPA Guidelines, the present Project is classified as “Schedule II” that requires an EIA study and approval from the concerned authority, prior to the construction. The approach adopted for conducting Environmental & Social Impact Assessment of Karachi-Hyderabad M-9 Project is to follow the requirements of Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Review of IEE/EIA), Regulations 2000.

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