EIA: Uttaranchal Power Sector Investment Program - Subproject 1

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India, currently generates about 83% of its electricity from conventional thermal power plants and about 14% from hydroelectric plants (mainly located in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and the northeast). GOI has launched a 50,000 MW hydroelectric initiative. In Uttarakhand, approximately $4 billion will be invested over the near term in transmission and distribution systems, new power plant development, and hydropower rehabilitation and modernization (RMU).

Uttarakhand has little or no fossil fuel resources. It is focusing on developing hydropower and associated transmission systems for evacuation and export. Currently a net importer of electric power, the state plans to be a net exporter by 2010. Hydropower potential is approximately 20,000 MW, of which 16,500 MW is well defined and technically viable operating at 1,160 MW and about 5,525 MW is under construction.

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