EIA: Thanh Hoa Pulp and Paper Mill Project

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The Environmental Impacts Assessment (EIA) of the THANH HOA PULP AND PAPER MILL Project has been approved by Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (MONRE) in Decision No.1008/QD-BTNMT dated May 15, 2008. This supplementary EIA is complemented in order to evaluate environmental impacts caused by technical changing which are given in the reformed THANH HOA PULP AND PAPER MILL Project. The reformation of this project is caused by some changes in: Personal proprietor, major technologies, capacity of plant and project implementation progress from the reassessment of material sources, main products, etc.

Thanh Hoa Paper Joint Stock Company was established after obtaining the consent of the Government in Document No. 2000/VPCP-CN on 03/28/2008 of The Government Office informed about the opinion of the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai agreed to Vietnam Paper Corporation (VINAPACO) establish joint stock company. Joint Stock Company decided to adjust and develop the prescribed Thanh Hoa Pulp and Paper mill Project.

The Thanh Hoa Paper Joint Stock Company receipt, adjustment and development of investment projects to build Thanh Hoa pulp and paper mill is to efficiently exploit the work item has been made by VINAPACO from 2003 to present (2010). The factory production will provide many kinds of high quality carton (Folding Box Board – FBB) to meet fast-rising demands in domestic market and towards for exporting. Besides creating profit for their shareholders, the project is expected to get national and local socio-economic targets as follows:

  • Restrict (limit) the export of raw material (wood chip);
  • Create jobs and income for forest growers and workers at the plant;
  • Create products have added value is relatively high, which can not be produced as FBB and to reduce import demand of FBB.

The capacities of the plant:

  • Bleached Chemical Thermal Mechanical Pulp: 100,000 tons per year.
  • FBB: 180,000 tons per year

Under the provisions of current laws on environmental protection, the Thanh Hoa Paper and Pulp mill Project due to changes in capacity, technology so it has to build up an additional report on environmental impact assessment. Thanh Hoa Paper Joint Stock Company cooperated with the Institute of Environmental Technology for making this additional report on environmental impact assessment for the Project.

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