EIA: Sarulla Geothermal Power Generation Project

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SARULLA OPERATIONS LTD., (SOL) a consortium between PT MEDCO GEOPOWER SARULLA, ORSARULLA INC., SARULLA POWER ASSET LTD., and KYUDEN SARULLA PTE LTD, plans to develop Sarulla geothermal field and 330 MW power plant in Pahae Jae and Pahae Julu Districts of Tapanuli Utara Regency, Sumatera Utara Province.

The development of this project will bring positive impacts but on the other hand possibilities of negative impacts on physical-chemical components, biological components, and socio-economic, socio-cultural, and public health components.

AMDAL documents of Sarulla geothermal field development were approved in November 2005 by the Governor of Sumatera Utara. Considering (a) additional activities like production well operation and drilling; (b) changes in vapor and brine cooling system from water to air, which is more environmentally friendly; (c) constructions and operations of internal electricity transmission from Silangkitang (SIL) to Namora I Langit NIL; (d) changes of project proponent from PT PLN (Persero) to Sarulla Operations Ltd. (SOL), the 2005 AMDAL documents have been revised in order to continue the development of Sarulla geothermal field and power plant.

Following an approval of Term of Reference Document by the Environmental Impact Control Agency of North Sumatera Province No: 973/BPDLSU/ BTL/2008 on 8 August 2008, the Environmental Impact Statement (ANDAL), Environmental Management Plan (RKL) and Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL) documents have been prepared. These documents have been prepared in accordance to Minister of Environment Decree No. 08 of 2006 regarding Guidance for Preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Documents.

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