EIA: Red Line Mass Transit Project

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This report is EIA study of Detailed Design of red line Mass Transit Project (Bang Sue-Rangsit Section) which is an additional study and review the previous project (Study and Detailed Design for North-Bound Train System in Bangkok (Bang Sue-Rangsit) and Bang Sue Train Station) which was studied by Thai Engineering Consultants, Ltd. in 2005. In the previous project, 5 stations had been designed which were Bang Sue station, Bang Kaen station, Laksi station, Don Muang Station and Rangsit station and were approved by ONEP on June 20, 2005. As there are changing in detail design and the following 5 stations were added: Chatuchak station, Samian Nari station, Tung Songhong station, Karnkeha station and Lak Hok station, EIA study of the project was required for approval of project construction.

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