EIA: North-West Frontier Province Road Development Sector and Subregional Connectivity Project (Peshawar–Torkham Subproject)

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This updated summary environmental impact assessment (EIA) is based on the environmental assessment reports for the proposed new alignment of the Peshawar–Torkham subproject under Loan No. 2103-PAK: North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) Road Development Sector and Subregional Connectivity Project. This subproject was appraised during preparation of this loan in 2003. The summary EIA based on the 2003 feasibility study was circulated to the Board on 15 June 2004 and the loan was approved on 18 November 2004. A need to change the road alignment arose during detailed design study, and therefore a new EIA report was prepared by Global Environmental Technologies. That firm was contracted by the National Highway Authority (NHA), which is the Project’s executing agency for the national highway component. The EIA report was prepared in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, in particular the Environment Assessment Procedure (1997) and in accordance with the ADB’s Environmental Policy (2002) and the Environmental Assessment Guidelines (2003).

It was determined that the alignment needed to be changed from that originally planned for about 14 kilometers (km) from the starting point on the Peshawar side in order to avoid geometric conditions unsuitable for applying NHA’s current technical specifications regarding vertical and horizontal alignment and to reduce involuntary resettlement. The new alignment was proposed to run through a valley about 5 km south of the originally planned road alignment. The rest of the alignment (about 38 km) basically follows that originally planned.

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