EIA: MFF for Power Distribution Enhancement Program

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This Document is the Environmental Impact Assessment for the tranche-2 sub-project (Conversion of Jalalpur-Nau Grid Substation with double circuit T/Line) proposed by the Gujranwala Electricity Power Company (GEPCO) under the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Power Distribution Enhancement Multi-Tranche Finance Facility (PDE-MFF). Under ADB Guidelines, the substations & distribution lines are to be taken as one integral subproject/ one package and the guidelines require environmental assessment of all components of subprojects whether financed by ADB, governments or other co-financiers.

The Government of Pakistan (GoP) has requested ADB to provide the PDE-MFF to facilitate investments in power distribution and development of networks of eight independent distribution companies (DISCO‟s) that distribute power to end user consumers. The funding from ADB is expected to be released in stages (Tranches). The Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program is part of the GoP long term energy security strategy. The proposed ADB intervention will finance new investments in PDE and assist capacity building of sector related agencies. The investment program will cover necessary PDE development activities in secondary transmission/ distribution networks of eight DISCOs. The PDE-MFF activities include extension (additional transformers), augmentation (replacement of transformers with higher capacity), distribution line extensions, new/ replaced distribution lines, additional substations, transformer protection and other non-network activities such as automatic meter reading, construction equipment and computerized accounting. New distribution lines to and from various network facilities and some of the above activities will also be included in the later Tranches. The proposed PDE-MFF facility has been designed to address both investments and institutional aspects in the electrical power sector.

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