EIA: Guwahati Ropeway Project, Assam

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Guwahati is the gateway to the northeastern region. Due to its excellent connectivity and unique geographical location, this region is experiencing rapid growth of trade and commerce and it has the potential to become the hinterland for the entire northeastern region. The major growth of the city is now aimed at north Guwahati due to shortage of land at the southern part. The two banks of the river are connected through road and water transport. However, the means of transportation between the two banks needs to be improved to support growth of the city along the north bank.

The Government of Assam has thus taken initiative for the development of ropeway project across Brahmaputra river to connect Guwahati city situated on the south bank to the north bank. The Government of Assam has subsequently designated Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) to execute the project. The detailed project report for the proposed project has been prepared by M/s RITES Limited.

The proposed project falls under Item 7 (g) (Aerial Ropeways) and is a designated project under Schedule and falls under category B of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification dated 14th September, 2006 and requires clearance from Ministry of Environment and Forests in the absence of State Environment Impact Assessment Authority. The EIA study has been done as per the TOR provided by MoEF vide letter No.10-119/2007-IA.III dated 2nd September, 2008.

A Rapid Environment Impact Assessment (REIA) study report has been prepared for this project based on baseline environmental quality data collected for winter season’08 for the study area. Identification and prediction of significant environmental impacts due to the proposed ropeway with an Environmental Impact Statement followed by delineation of appropriate impact mitigation measures in an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) are included in the REIA Report.

M/s Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority has retained the services of SENES Consultants India Private Limited (SENES) for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study and preparation of an EIA report and Disaster Management Plan (DMP) for the proposed project. The purpose of this Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study is to provide information on the nature and extent of environmental impacts arising from the construction and operation of the proposed project and related activities taking place concurrently.

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