Laos Links Rail to Neighbors

Date of Release: 
Nov 9 2012

Laos has inked an agreement to build a railway connecting Thailand and Vietnam, just after sealing plans for a rail link to China, in ventures that will cost a combined whopping U.S. $12 billion.

By linking the landlocked nation to its giant neighbor China and mainland Southeast Asia, officials say the high-speed rail network will help open up the impoverished and resource-starved nation to development.


More Lao dam deals inked

Date of Release: 
Oct 25 2012

Laos has contracted firms to build and operate another significant hydropower plant on the Mekong River system, adding to the existing furore over potential effects on downstream countries such as Cambodia from the controversial Xayaburi dam.

The contracts, reportedly worth $1 billion, are for a series of three dams making up the Xe-Namnoy plant on two tributaries of the Se Kong River, which flows into the Mekong from the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos – just some 100 kilometres from Cambodia.


EIA: Laos

Year enacted: 
Number of pages: 

Article 1: Objectives

This Decree has the following objectives:

- To disseminate and implement Article 8 of Law Environmental Protection, in relation to Environmental Impact Assessment;
- To lay down principles and rules, and adopt measures on establishment, functions, management and monitoring (of the concerned agencies in) environmental impact assessment;
- To ensures that all investment projects of the State and private sector, both domestic and foreign, operating in Lao PDR (hereafter called ‘investment projects’) which create or will create adverse environmental and social impacts, are designed with the right and appropriate environmental and social impact prevention and mitigation measures or environmental management and monitoring plans (EMMP) and social management and monitoring plans (SMMP);
- To effectively prevent, minimise and resolve adverse environmental and social impacts derived from investment projects;
- To contribute to the national socio-economic development, to make it sustainable.

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