Ministry of Environment, Japan

The Ministry of Environment (MOE) of Japan was formed in 2001 from the former Environmental Agency established in 1971. MOE is responsible for government-wide environmental planning and policies under the Basic Environmental Law of 1993. 

Japan’s Coal Hunger Poses Costly Challenge to Emissions

Date of Release: 
Jul 30 2015

Japan will depend on new coal technology that’s more than twice the cost of traditional plants to meet its targets on reducing global warming pollution.

In a plan formally adopted earlier this month, Japan said it expects coal to generate about a quarter of the nation’s electricity by 2030.


Capacity Development Workshop - Twinning Partnerships on EIA: Lao PDR-Japan and Sri Lanka-Japan

25 Jun 2014 - 27 Jun 2014
Yokohama, Japan

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Summary of the Consultation Workshop


Environment Ministry to rejig projections of disaster debris

Date of Release: 
Sep 7 2013

The Environment Ministry will review the way it estimates the amount of debris generated by major quakes and tsunami to improve the accuracy of its calculations, ministry officials said Saturday.

The ministry will establish up a panel of experts in late September to discuss the matter and will decide on a new method by the end of next March, the officials said.


Review of environmental impact assessment and monitoring in aquaculture in Asia-Pacific

Published Date: 

This review is prepared as part of the FAO Project “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and monitoring in aquaculture”. The review provides a compilation, review and synthesis of existing EIA and environmental monitoring procedures and practices in aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region, the largest aquaculture-producing region in the world. This review, as in other regions, gives special consideration to four areas related to EIA and monitoring in aquaculture including: (1) the requirements (2) the practice (3) the effectiveness and (4) suggestions for improvements.


MOEJ: Environmental Impact Assessment in Japan

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In Japan, a system on EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) was first introduced in 1972 for public works. The systems relating to port and harbor planning, reclamation, power plants and the Shinkansen (super-express train) were established later around 1980. In the course of implementing EIA under these systems, the need for an integrated system/standardized rule was recognized. Therefore the environmental impact assessment bill was proposed to the Diet in 1981 but failed to pass in 1983.  

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