Pitas shrimp project: WWF wants better EIA

Date of Release: 
Jan 31 2015

WWF-Malaysia has urged the Government to adopt best practices to improve the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) system to better protect the environment.

Noting the recent disagreements between three parties concerned with regards to the shrimp aquaculture development in Pitas, WWF-Malaysia believes that the cause of the disagreement goes beyond misunderstanding and miscommunication of the EIA review process.


Hundreds of thousands of fish killed by China pollution

Date of Release: 
Sep 4 2013

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish were left floating in a Chinese river after a chemical discharge, officials said Wednesday, the latest industrial accident to pollute the country's battered environment.

About 100,000 kilograms of fish were cleared from 40 kilometres of the Fuhe river in Wuhan, the capital of the central province of Hubei, the official Xinhua news agency said, citing "local government investigations".


Fish ecosystem on Yangtze 'on verge of collapse' from hydropower plants

Date of Release: 
Aug 16 2013

Human activity along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River - such as building hydropower stations and excessive fishing - has pushed its aquatic ecosystem to the verge of collapse, a report released on Thursday warns.

Researchers suggested starting a fishing ban along the entire river and enacting a national law to protect the “mother river” of China, as its fishery resources are experiencing a severe recession.


Review of environmental impact assessment and monitoring in aquaculture in Asia-Pacific

Published Date: 

This review is prepared as part of the FAO Project “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and monitoring in aquaculture”. The review provides a compilation, review and synthesis of existing EIA and environmental monitoring procedures and practices in aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region, the largest aquaculture-producing region in the world. This review, as in other regions, gives special consideration to four areas related to EIA and monitoring in aquaculture including: (1) the requirements (2) the practice (3) the effectiveness and (4) suggestions for improvements.

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